Both workshops are full-day training classes that start at 9 a.m. and will be finished around 5 p.m. (including several breaks) on Friday, 28 October 2011.

Price: NZ$ 449 (Regular) or NZ$ 319 (NZCS Members) - please check the registration page for more details.

Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 - Beyond Print!

April Clark - Cleveland/Ohio, USA

Create dynamic documents that deliver revolutionary reading experiences on the Web, e-readers, tablets (including iPad), and desktops. Take advantage of productivity enhancements in InDesign CS5.5, whether you're designing for print, mobile devices, online publications -- or all of the above. With Adobe InDesign CS5.5, your documents can reach audiences in new and exciting ways. EPUB export enhancements help you create stunning eBooks more effectively and more efficiently than ever before. Using Folio Producer tools, which integrate with Digital Publishing Suite, you can invite readers to interact with content in digital magazines.

In this full-day session, April will go in-depth about how to use InDesign to create various types of publications beyond print! And, even if you are still using CS3, CS4 or CS5, this session will be extremely helpful, educating you on the future of ePublishing. Please join me for this fun, fast-paced seminar!

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Enlightenment - a Zen Agile workshop

Matthew Hodgson - Canberra, Australia

Zen Agile is a pragmatic and adaptable Way of Working that reinforces low risk, collaboration, ranked scope and iteration of outcomes – one that results in user-centred products that are Lean and value-driven – that can be applied to both design & development practices.

In this workshop, Matt will take participants through his own unique multi-disciplinary methods for Agile that combine the best of Scrum and TDD with UX methods. This will be a practical exercise where hands-on activities will create understanding and base proficiency in the use new, cutting edge, Sprint activities.

In the afternoon, Matthew will take participants step-by-step through activities that elicit high-value requirements based on user-engagement. Through “learning by doing”, participants will create Personas, discern channel preference and create a logical solution design that can be easily analysed and immediately used to prioritise requirements in Agile projects.

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